The "Mongoose" died


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Saw them at NED in 1972. I was 13 and thought I died and went to heaven. All the cars and girls had my head spinning.


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Got to meet Goose a few times. He took the time to talk to me and sign my poster when a was a kid. He signed that poster on the hood of his Coors Corvette. The poster is of the last drag race at OCIC. I still have it.

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
Oh, man, that really sucks! He was such a nice guy...met him a lot of times at York 30 Dragway, PA, when I was doing a lot of photography of the races there.....….always had time to yap with me.....actually laughed at some of my dumb jokes...….he was a real legend in drag sorry to hear this, and I appreciate you, GNrick for letting us know.

Man, this is a shock to me....I thought those guys would live forever. There goes another great drag racing legend.

Bruce '87 Grand National

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
In 1987 he was at a Buick event at Anaheim and he loved the turbo Buicks, and he drove mine on a test drive.

A great guy, may you rest in peace as you will be remembered as one of the great guys in drag racing, and we all should follow your example as racer and a real humantary person.
You said it perfectly, Nick.

Bruce '87 Grand National