The Legend, a tribute to Group B

no gimmick, forgive the techno music, but its not my video im just posting it for everyone to watch, maybe realax a little. Simple but nicely organized tribute video, Group B cars and the insane drivers just doing their job! I can't stop dreaming about GROUP B! Man forget a 10 second rocket GN, I want a street painted reproduction group b car done in black without the crazy wings! Hmmm or maybe make my own hybrid group b car with a GN motor... Well maybe not give up my original GN for it, but would love to own one before I die that would be cool. Shooot by that time Ill be a pro with the FAST units anyways haha, I could drive and do the computer logging. If i hit lotto Don, you and Lou are coming with me to Germany (Nurburgring) and building a group b rally car with a GN motor and FAST XFI; Lou can build the motor, you gotta make tranny and ill drive, and we all can work on the laptops for the data logging!

Then I wake up...haha

But, I love group b cars and maybe Im just obsessing because I can never have it who knows. But what's important is that you can really learn from these video's about clipping points, and drive lines, and recovering, and braking styles thats whats important. The sounds, and backrounds are just brain candy haha ;) Really helped me increase my open kart wheel skills. Best part is late 5:40's you can see with out a dought that people are getting NAILED with dirt all over, and loving every bit that hits them! Truly a site, wish I could have been there. Enjoy!

Video - Group B Rally tribute video