The latest version of my 1987 Turbo T...very happy with the car right now!


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Well Im not sure how up to date my signature is for modifications. Still have not cut on anything on the car. I drive it every single fair weather day basically. It is a riot with the 6776 on 20psi on pump gas only and runs consistant 7.1-7.0s at our local 1/8th mile track. Helluva street car. Only suspension mods have been in the front end to transfer weight (tubular uppers with solid bushing with lakewood 90/10s and no sway bar). Has run a best of 6.83 with a best mph of 104 with better fuel and only adding timing with a fairly week 60' (1.65). Still have yet to turn the wick up on it but i'm eager to try 28-30 psi at some point to see what it does. Still maintains full interior with power everything.

Special thanks to my uncle who is the only reason I was able to get the car. My father saved it out of a collector yard back in 97' as a very small diameter tree had layed over the passenger front fender and some point in its life and got the fender/hood and pushed the turbo down some. Traded a 86' ramcharger to the guy straight up. Car then was fixed to factory specs with new front clip from an 87 GN and painted factory silver.

I have owned the car for a few years now and got it to the level its at with the help of obviously my Uncle Joe, Lonnie Diers with a stout 2004r, Dusty who spec'd the 10 inch ptc lockup and Don/Jason with the engine work (roller cam specs and basic rebuild with forged pistons and arp hardware and whatever magic cruz does on rebuilds).

I don't deserve such an amazing turbo regal but I sure am glad it has stayed in the family.

Its come a long way since I have had it and it tickles me to death to toss my pops the keys and the smile it puts on his face now :D

Went from 14.1's on a full pass to coasting 11.4s letting out at the 1/8th.
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no those are inertia advantage wheels from summit they were my test wheels for fitment and ended up working out perfect. I thought they would be heavier too being a steel wheel but believe it or not the weight difference between the gold gtas and these ended up only being 2 pounds.

It is a blast to drive...cant believe It doesnt even leak anymore I actually sealed up a buick motor...very suprising lmao