Wrinkled Member
Oct 31, 2007
Yesterday evening began much like any other evening here on the homestead. Little did I know, that the peacefulness & security we had come to enjoy would come to a sudden end. I was winding down & surfin’ the I’net, when the Li’l Woman called to me from the laundry room. As I approached, she opened the door into the garage & pointed at the ground. I entered the garage to see what she was pointing at. My blood ran cold as I recognized the unmistakeable sign of Mus musculus! We had been invaded.

I felt a potent mix of emotions grip me. Anger, disgust, shame… How could this have happened? Hurriedly I swept up the area, but I knew, that far more decisive action was required. It was a fitful night. Sleep was elusive. First thing this morning I went out & purchased some traps. Upon my return, I loaded them up with Skippy’s finest, set them & placed them in two strategic locations. Now I just had to wait for my prey to make the next move.

I spent the rest of the day performing my assorted chores. The feeling of home had returned for the most part. I felt fairly confident that I had the upper hand.

Towards the end of the day, I decided to check my traps. Didn’t expect much. Figured my adversary wouldn’t make his move until nightfall. I was surprised to see that my prey was far more cunning than I had expected. The trap was exactly as I had placed it… Except... There was no sign of Skippy’s finest! That tricky little devil! I rushed over to the other trap, bent down onto my hands & knees, then peered underneath my tool box.

I recoiled upright in astonishment with what had greeted my gaze! I was stunned! Nothing had prepared me for what awaited me… NOTHING!

That’s right, not only was the Skippy’s finest missing… So was the TRAP!

What type of creature from Hell had taken over my garage?

Suddenly I became conscious of how silent it was. There was a slight breeze outside & I could hear the faint rustling of leaves dancing across the driveway. Then I heard it. The hollow dry scratching sound of wood being dragged across concrete!

I quickly retreated to the relative safety of the house. Had to re-group! Had to formulate a plan! Had to find a flashlight & more importantly… Arm myself with a more suitable weapon!

After a quick mental inventory, I remembered running across the perfect weapon recently. A Crosman CO2 powered Python replica! It had been many years since I shot it. I replaced the cartridge & loaded the cylinder with 6 Crosman Premiers.

With my Mag-Light in my left hand & my faux Python in my right, I re-entered the garage. I made my way back to my tool box & carefully rolled it away from the wall. Nothing! I moved my air compressor. Nothing! I then bent down & peered underneath my work bench. Still nothing!

Then I heard it again. Closer this time. I tracked the noise to a cluster of boxes, a maze if you will. I approached with my light held high, Python at the ready. I moved one box with my foot & finally caught the first glimpse of my prey. His beady little eyes radiated contempt. He had almost been successful at removing the Skippy’s & making a clean get away… Almost… Except for his tail.

I thumbed back the hammer & anchored him with one of Crosman’s finest right between the shoulder blades. He was an Alpha though & one wasn’t enough. I put the second one right above the first & lights out! He was done.

All is quiet again… At least for now.

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