thanks for all the great info

grass doctor

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just joined
thank you to everyone on the site very helpful
just won my first car show two weeks ago most outstanding American muscle car
180 cars at pvautoshow in Nocatee
love all the info on this site
the info about the grease on the hood bumper helped me sleep at night haha
and anyone who can install the grill springs deserves to own the car


grass doctor

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I love it finally somewhere to go and talk to great people /real people
funny stuff too, makes my day in my hard days at work
won another one in Palatka 130 cars trying not to brag but it feels soooo good
nice to be recognized for my hard work
like Ronnie Mac says 9 times out of 10 I gonna beat ya
87 is heaven


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It's fun to hang out with other car guys and to inform the public about a car not often seen anymore, and yes it is a nice bonus to bring home some hardware, as VtheGNMan likes to say.

Awesome job on the car! Well deserved.

grass doctor

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well guys its been one year and one day since I joined the board, I joined after winning most outstanding American muscle car at the Ponte Vedra auto show which I am heading out to again today to defend my title WISH ME LUCK at let the BUICK gods shine down. I have met many great guys on here and continue to enjoy and learn from you all. Thanks again , will report back later , SPOOLING OUT !!!!

grass doctor

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well boys I got beat out by a 67 gold GTO today :cry: , but I did meet a lot of great people and I was the only GN there once again the out cast , the show last year had 180 cars and this year we had 264 a great turn out . I was helping a guy work the front gate today ,as idiots were trying to get in to the event field who had not registered anyways ending up sitting with him most of the day ,after I got done with the judges and keeping an eye on the car . turns out he was the field Marshall for the event and seemed to take a liking to me and my car . He handed me a set of cones and gave me his card and introduced me to the head manager of the event and said this guy is going to be helping me next year run the entrance to event . He asked me where I wanted to park next year and I said right up front he said done I told him I need two spots one for me and the other for my buddy and his 68 roadrunner so I guess it was not all a loss, the chancellor of the chamber of commerce came by to meet me as well and we'll see you at the planning meetings for the event next year , I said ok as long as I get a golf cart and she said done so the ole grass doctor made some new friends and I guess I am part of the st.johns county chamber of commerce now LOL
I had a great day watching people admire my car and talking about it an educating the ones who asked and smiled at the know it all's instead of correcting them like a dick , something I have recently learned :cool:
time for a cold beer and some cheese burgers