Thanks Eric Berryman...nice build 25k GN

Steve V

Steve V's Automotive 757 560 2782
I would like to extend my thanks to Eric for entrusting Steve V's Automotive with his newly aquired 25k mile GN.

He came down with his lovely wife Lynn(who I think is going run the GN for all it's worth). We came up with a plan and went to work. Starting with typical bad oil leaks, gas leaks, low power I dug in. I found gold in the pan, so back to the drawing board we went.

We had another meeting after motor was tore down, I was given the keys to the Castle. I chose an old school TE34 from Bison. Alky and a basic solid stock build. The tranny was shifting soft so I opened it up and of course it was tired. So we redid it with a nice solid build but retained the stock converter.

After several weeks the engine and transmission where done and installed. Tuning began. Fuel pressure was wierd, I swapped the regulator and that didn't help so next step was to drop the tank. Inside I found a DW300 pump. Well no wonder it was wierd. Installed a Walbro 340 and things got way better.

Running 60lb injectors, extendar chip from Turbobob she is running great. It's not a frame twister but a quick street car forsure. Probably high 11 capable.

Of course I gave it the Steve V treatment inside and out. All aluminium parts where blasted and rock tumbled, black pieces repainted, details details.

This goes to show that milage is irrelevant on these cars, most likely this GN lived it's life a quarter mile at a time. She's sold inside and out , a Texas car with no rust . Underneath is super clean. I will post some pics, but most of them can be found on my Facebook page link in my signature.

Thanks Eric and Lynn

Steve V

Steve V's Automotive 757 560 2782


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Steve V

Steve V's Automotive 757 560 2782
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