tb.com only works on phone


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I've tried multiple computers, explorer, Firefox and chrome and all say unexpected error try again later.

Weird no one else has noticed.


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I can't go directly to turbobuick.com on any computer or browser. about 2 weeks now. The only way I can access it is to Google turbobuick.com. From there I can click on a link and then sign on.
pain in the ass. Like you, surprised no one else has mentioned it! :confused:


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Mine started working yesterday, but it didn't work for 3-4 days. Post count seem to drop way off, so it couldn't have been just me with the issue. I logged on with different computers in different cities with same result.

Works now, though.


I have been logging on through new posts. I have the same error message you are getting if I try to open the main forum page.