TA Take off parts and TA Heads

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X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
I have several thing for sale from the TA block I just bought.
All prices plus shipping.
1 NEW TA SI heads bare $900
2 Balancer and pulley balancer look new the pull does not. $75.00
3 10/10 turbo crankshaft will also throw in the new bearings that were installed with it. $250.00
4 SET of 6 new pistons with new rods.... pistons standard bore. $ 75.00
5 New oil pan ....it had a few screws installed for shipping and you can see it was modified with with a Ford Tool (Hammer) for clearance for the Rear Studs in the TA block. $125.00


X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
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I sent you a pm last night and never heard back
Sorry forgot to hit send.....you have it