TA Performance Headers vs KB Headers?


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I just contacted them to get me a new crossover .planning to buy it when they get a new stock. didn't play hardball on it.i know i am hard on parts .i did have 2 other people email me saying theirs did the same thing .

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I've been looking through the forums but haven't found anywhere where there is a comparison of the two, so hopefully someone can break it down for me. The TA headers cost around $1000, while the KB's are around $600 (from what I've found so far). I'm sure I'll hear the "you get what you pay for", but if there isn't really a difference other than the price and who makes them then I'd like to save a little bit of money if possible. My goals for my car are mid to high 9's. If anymore info is needed, just ask. Thank you all in advance!

I've heard/read of several people having some problems with the KB headers. IMO, if you're building a mid 9 sec car then, spending a couple hundred dollars more for a set of headers shouldn't matter much.... You'll spend at least $12k on just the motor and thousands more on everything else. The ss TA headers are the best production headers out there. Have them ceramic coated and they'll last you many, many years. Do a search and you'll find some of the threads on the KB headers and some of the issues. Issues like; fitment with the dp, warped flanges, poor welds, welds cracking, rusting..... TA has excellent customer service as well. If something goes wrong with them then, they'll make it right. And if you're building a mid 9 sec car go 4 bolt. (unless you're going to race it in a particular class) It will give you more and better turbo options, more and better waste gate options, too. Can't go wrong with TA's....


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As far as i know Kenne Bell has not made headers for these cars for 10 years or so, is another company falsely advertising that they are selling Kenne Bell headers?


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Are there any coatings that will adhere both Inside and out with out coming off and going thru the turbine wheel on a engine that is run hard?...... I know of some car show type guys with coated headers that look good but there cars do not get worked out very hard.


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I've had my atr headers coated twice and it has not stayed on at all. The last time I went 2000 degree and they promised it would stay on but it turned to powder.


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TA stock replacement headers on my GN, no issues so far that I'm aware of. Fit perfect the first time and no issues with clearance on my frame or THDP.

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I got my TA stainless headers coated when I bought them and they still look great. Coating was done by Polydyn in Houston. I posted pictures of them in a thread on here somewhere when they were new. They been on the car for a couple of years and have been very hot many times. It is not a shiny chrome like finish, more of a dull greenish color but it stays on. I did not get the inside coated.