TA heads vs. GN1 heads


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Nov 25, 2011
My question :is there a TA head that's capable making as much power as the champion GN1 R head. And if so would I see any benefit in switching over to the TA head from my ported irons that are currently on my 4.1 with my same 215/220 comp Hyd roller. The turbo is a 6766 cea. Thanks guys.


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Mar 7, 2004
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TA heads weigh a lot more than GN1 heads, which mean more material, which means less chance of cracking. I have used both.
I have one guy running 9.92@136+ with ported TA heads. These were ported by me. If you want to run all out.....,call Mike at TA and ask him about his heads and which ones to buy. Then call Tom at Champion and see what he says. Then order a set from...,......,,


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Aug 1, 2003
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how much power are you looking for
or if plans are to run at track what is your weight and what does your current time slip look like , and what et are you after with the change

champion irons (not race ported) .. 9.9s @137 on a 234 with the 6765 224 billet cam at 3450# (27psi) ..just about 700hp . he never got to turn it up as the combo was stepped up to a GN1 8bolt converted to 14bolt race ported , setup with bigger and taller valves for Jesel rockers and equiped with isky springs by Tom at Champion . still waiting to see the potential of that combo , the motor is now in my caged ttop with a 72mm just waiting for the weather

gn1 alums (8 bolt not Rs and not race ported ) .. 9.2s 144 again on a 234 with a 71mm 224 billet cam.. making around 780hp on lightened car, that 67 turbo should support that power.
neither heads were ported from how they were shipped, but they were fitted with better spring packages from Bison.
my unk irons with untouched passages have pushed my junk 234 to 9.7s at 141 on the 215/220 cam w/beehive springs using a 71mm. at 3470# . I cant even call the irons i have ported because they aren't . they are prepped for the lift and clearanced for the rockers but for flow they are just cleaned up behind the valve and guide protrusions shaped not removed as they are on champion irons. the intake and exhaust runners are stock

TA has the SI (street intimidator) and the SE (street eliminator) , either should be capable of 9s on that turbo out of the box ,

i dont see how you could pick wrong from either vendor as any of the heads champion or TA offer will support that turbo into the 9s
if you're after more then youll need to work on other things to get there because the turbo will pretty much be all in and might be time to work on the tune and /or car (weight / chassis setup) to get there

if TA is where you're leaning contact Nick Micale and he can set you up with ported pieces
whatever you get i'd contact Bison and see about getting the spring package checked out and setup
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Reggie West

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May 28, 2001
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The TA heads have about 5 more pounds of aluminum in each of them.

I know when I order from Nick I get the parts quickly. If I order from Champion it takes forever and I m amazed the parts actually show up.

I'd rather have my car hauling ass than waiting on parts.

Nick Micale

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May 26, 2001
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The TA heads have been into the 7's on a TSO car a few years ago.

Since most owners want alum heads for street/strip use, we usually have assembled SI heads in stock, and if custom porting is wanted, we can do that within a few weeks, or send them to your favorite or local porting expert.


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Dec 19, 2005
Some of the best flowing 1.94" valve heads I've seen. My good friend did all the work on these

The SI heads flow quite a bit less out of the box than on the exhaust than the SE but we're up to 170cfm with 5 min of work.

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Jun 30, 2005
Some of the best flowing 1.94" valve heads I've seen. My good friend did all the work on these

The SI heads flow quite a bit less out of the box than on the exhaust than the SE but we're up to 170cfm with 5 min of work.

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You have a very good friend;)


Oct 27, 2003
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Either GN1R or TA SE will support just about 95% of this boards performance goals. A lot of these decisions IMO are not what is the best technical solution but more what is the best business decision. Like comparing XFI vs. BS3 -- both ABSOLUTELY work but why go with BS3 when XFI is SOOOO well supported in the Buick community (me -- I didn't go either route and went with something different, go figure :) )

I haven't made a decision on what heads I'm going to put on my S2 shortblock but it is EXTREMELY difficult to go with a vendor who barely (check that, never) returns phone calls, messages and never really gets back to you with promised quotes. This is the year 2015 where 600 HP cars are coming off the assembly line and passing emissions - why would I as a consumer subject myself to the struggle of getting heads with a lead time of 6 months or so when there are other options. Call a GN1 reseller and you get the same runaround, not because it's their fault but because they have no luck getting heads expedited (at least last time I checked). From what I've seen, that isn't the case with TA products. I'm in the Midwest thus my first line vendors for this stuff is Mike or Dan and I've gotten the impression from both that TA products are more readily available and sooner.
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