T Top Restoration, New SS Panels, Weatherstripping and Pics, Video Of The Process.


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I'm gonna do this in real time with pictures and videos. This isn't for the faint of heart, this sounds like $5k to fix it, replace and paint like a show car and better than factory.

Ever since I got this GN in 1997 it had issues at the car wash, little water down the a pillar. I did the weatherstripping in the 2000 era and it was not much better.

I am in the final stages of finishing the car, I saved the T Tops for last thinking it was gonna be straight forwards, swap rusted panels, old weatherstripping and all good..NOPE!!!

Here's post 1 of a bunch, I just talked to the body shop and this thing is worse than we thought. I gave the ok for a full restoration, it's gonna be rough but considering I'm not ever selling it, I'm all in.

I got the G Body parts kit, $600

I am painting all trim and SS t top panels body paint. This way when the tops are off it'll match and color flip in the light.

They will need to cut out the area at the top of the windshield. They will sand the middle t top area and rear area along with down the doors.

I'll need a new windshield due to the t top front being roached and it'll probably snap but it's a little peppered anyways, maybe $400.

They'll paint all the window trim area.
I'm already doing the lower cowl and window trim body color.

Here's the video I got before they cut anything out, pretty much stage 2 right now.

Shop is Custom Classics in Island Lake IL, 60042.
You can judge for yourself and when finished trust that someone can do a great job. But they might not want to do another one after mine. LOL


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I had mine done as well a few years back by a local shop. They did an excellent job. I still need to finish it with the same G-body kit you have. Hopefully in th next few months I can get this done. Been too long already.


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Some more pics

They will chop off the top of the windshield this coming week, then blend the new SS piece into the factory windshield frame.

I'm matching all t top pieces and trim with the car color, maybe even paint the outside edge of the t top themselves. I'll post back.


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I had to replace the pax side a-pillar because the bottom of it was rusted out also. The driver’s side was perfect. If I had to do it all over again I would have replaced the header panel like you are doing.


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Ya I'm having them spray the door handles and part of that was so they can take off the door panels and see inside the doors and A pillar. I'm hoping to not hear any bad news Monday.

I'll have other posts on all trim and windshield cowl restoration.


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Chances are if you had rust holes like that in your ttop area, the water has to go somewhere. Sun visor screws or down one of the a-pillars. At the bottom of the pillar GM installed a black foam and on my car that foam blocked any kind of drainage. Hopefully your body shop didn't pass that kind info to you.


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They've currently cut out the windshield top in the front and they are into the rear rail where they'll be chopping out small areas in the corners vs taking out the whole thing.

I'll ask them about the foam at the bottom of the a arms.


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Mine didn't have any foam at the button, now I wonder if the foam was there in all T Top GNs from the factory and mine was taken out or is the foam added in certain builds from X factory etc, so many questions? Haha

Hopefully the end of this week I get it back, re-appaised and then sit for 3 full months all nice and finally restored. Lame!!


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Getting closer and probably this Friday, but something they found.

Water ran down the driver side A pillar, then onto the floor and would dampen the carpet padding. They're gonna clean up the little rust build up and spread a coating to help stop it from rusting further. Water gremlin is never suspect considering garaged, rarely driven in the rain from 1997 on and only car washed.


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Getting closer, I did other things like window and trunk trim, door handles etc but maybe Friday it'll be ready.


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