Swapped to a 4L80E


In the FWIW dept:
The x member is bolted solid with steel spacers at the frame, in the original location.
Note the "tab" that's bolted to the tail hsg goes toward the pan, and the tab on the x is modified to match.
This trans is a column shift adaptation. With an extension on the shifter rod, it works just fine with the frame bell crank system, and the column lock works.
I may have a pic of the rod extension.
Thank you for the info.


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Another guy messaged me a while back and indicated that a "low profile" chevy mount attaches to the transmission and lands right on top of the stock crossmember, so he drilled thru and bolted it up. I'm going to try this as it sounds like a "no welding" solution to use the stock crossmember.