Swapped to a 4L80E

Otto J

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Should have it all buttoned up tonight or tomorrow.
The 2004R I built for my car has worked flawless but I broke a few driveshaft yokes and the last one broke the trans case.
Over all the installation wasn’t bad
required a shorter driveshaft
I ran -8 trans lines ( you could modify your stockers to work)
Drilling the crossmember for the new mount location
A bell housing adaptor plate (I used the thick Trans-Capt one)
New dipstick
Some body seam massaging
Trans controller if staying automatic (I am using the TCI EZ-TCU which piggybacks the XFI)
I used an after market linkage kit that allowed the use of my stock shifter/cable ( could make something to use the stock one)

As far as trans mods, I did a CK input shaft and forward clutch hub and a D3 transbrake valvebody(which allows transbrake use in drive for auto shiftng)

All that is left is is the TCU install tonight or tomorrow.

It is heavier than th 2004R by I believe 60#s (that symbol is pounds for all you millennial hashtag guys)