Super hard brake pedal. Very sketchy to drive


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I would convert to vacuum brakes. It's cheap and easy to install. I just converted my GN to vacuum about 8 months ago and works great. I have installed Hydroboost setups on a few customer's cars and it works great also but it's a lot more complicated and expensive. JMHO


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How hard is it to change out the poweastet to a hydro boost? I’m pretty handy under the hood. I’m no certified mechanic But is it something I could do in my garage?

Hydroboost is much more involved (and expensive) that vacuum. It also has a pretty good track record of showing a power steering pump that doesn't have enough ass to run the steering AND the brakes. (then you learn that no parts store PS pumps have enough ass either).

Vacuum is a lot easier to convert (and cheaper). Here's a step-by-step I wrote year ago when I make a kit to convert my GN over.

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For now you can check your fuses while you decide what to convert to. I had a bad fuse that gave me a hard pedal. Ultimately I went with vacuum brakes and they are working well. I got a junkyard pedal and brake system for a Camaro (I think, it's been years) from the part store. I believe I had around $150 in the swap. Take your seat out if it's not already mentioned in the links they provided. Good luck man and don't sweat it, we've all been there.


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Regardless, do something with the power master. Paperweight maybe. Mine gave out at 60mph on a highway approaching a red light