Sun Visor Differences ...


What are the sun visor differences between hard tops and ttops? Are the mount bracket/arms interchangeable? Was there always a mirror on the pass side? Thanks

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
For the T-Tops, the bracket base is flat....three screws. For the hardtop, the bracket base is raised, rounded on top, if you will, not flat, three screws.

The lighted mirror bracket is 6 inches long.

I'm not sure, but most of the Grand Nationals came with a mirror on the passenger side.No '87 did, but I switched the passenger side to a lighted flip up mirror visor, with the bracket that had a hollow passage in it for the power wire that runs up into the roof material.

Hopefully, someone else will chime in on the availability of mirrors on the GN.

Bruce '87 Grand National