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Yeah, they wanna ban gas appliances, but if you look at most oil wells, they don't tap off and recover the natural gas that comes out of the ground before they pump the oil.
They "flare it off." That's oil rigger speak for lighting it on fire! Sometimes it burns for weeks or months!
So you can't pay to use it to heat your house, dry your clothes or make any use of it! And burning it pollutes the air for nothing!
Google: flaring oil wells.
In Kuwait, S. America, and here in the good? Old U.S.A. you can see dozens of well heads on fire!
As a matter of fact the customer I bought my Turbo Coupe from is an oil rig boss. We have spoken of this before.
When it was asked of Albert Einstein what the difference was between intelligence and stupidity, he replied: "intelligence has limits!"
The democrats want to give "reparations" of 5 MILLION DOLLARS to "decendents of slavery."
What are they gonna do with that?
Buy more drugs, alcohol, smart phones, stolen guns, and $700.00 sneakers?
I'm a decendent of two European familes displaced in both World Wars!
Is Germany gonna give me $5 MILLION for that? Where do I sign up?


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Fried chikun'
Pants without belts, and other "fall down features"
Long fingernails
Too much makeup
condoms, hygene products, books, child support, aaah you get the idea......
I'M NOT RACIST! Just been observant my entire life!
I lived in South Chicago a few blocks away from the bridge the Blues Brothers jumped the old Mount Prospect police car over!
My aunt lived on Racine near where Sean Connery "lived" in The Untouchables movie.
My grandfather drove a booze truck for AL Capone! And that job paid for the house I grew up in!
Hey Guy! My motors in the Turbo Coupe!
Just finishing it up! We need to get T/A Mike and us together and line up all 3 at the Pavillions.


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Democrats oppose natural gas, even though its adoption has allowed the U.S. to produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions while growing its economy, because it is still a fossil fuel and is often extracted through fracking.

They hate it so much that they're willing to overlook the good it's done for this country...just because it doesn't fit their agenda. They do however, support and encourage a bunch of confused adults to put on a drag show for their children. I can't wait until this episode of the twilight zone ends.

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It's filtering down to the military too.
The abject stupidity of these people is astounding.
Carlos Del Taco's grasp of reality is frightening. Worse, is the idiot/resident in the WH, because he has the "football".