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I just break stuff!
Since acquiring these parts I no longer need them. I have upgraded from these. I bought these parts in a package deal and have never actually ran them so I can't give any specifics. I will post pics. I take paypal or money orders. All prices do not include shipping.

1. Stock intercooler with Dutt neck upgrade and stock shroud. One side of the plastic shroud rivets popped. Going with a PS intercooler. $170

2. Stock intercooler fan in great shape $20

3. Intercooler brackets, the L and triangle shaped ones $25 for both

If you want 1,2, and 3 complete $200

4. Stock MAF, going with a LS1 MAF and translator $30

5. Stock turbo 8445 heads I have 7 of these $25 each

6. Stock 2 dot connecting rods $10 each.

7. STD turbo pistons, and .040 hypereutectic pistons. these are on the rods above Free when you buy the connecting rod. Mileage unknown, not so pretty.

8. Stock 86/87 GN Fan $50

9. 84/85 GN complete Fan Shroud $40

Make an offer, this stuff is just in my way.


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Ill take the MAFS as long as its the correct one for a GN. Give me a total to 06492.


I just break stuff!



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