Stroker 245" odd-fire cam considerations?


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Dec 17, 2021
So far as I know Buick V6's are not really different than any other ICE engine for basic operation.
My dillema of the moment is cam selection.
For the engines I build more often it is a simple fact that what might be a ragged edge radical cam for a 1300cc is mild in a 1600cc.
The Duntov SBC cam is wild in a 283 and not enough for a 350.
So, now the question of how much cam do I want for my 247.55"** stroked odd-fire?
Of course the cam companies only list for 225/231's.
Another 16 Cu. In. may make enough difference to want to go one step hotter, or will it?
**Need to verify the 3.6" stroke. I am told that 3.625 was the common stroker crank back in the day.


Caustic Cacophony
Mar 10, 2007
Good advise^
Also Call Or Email Schneider they have stuff on the shelf, or build you a custom cam.
They have solid versions on the shelf too, this link is for the hydraulic stuff

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