Street/Strip 8 second 1986 T-Type Stage 2

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Feb 14, 2002
Car has been mini tubed and has certified cage to 8.50. The car still retains a full interior but no A/C. Car has manual steering and manual brakes.

Drivetrain – Strange Ford 9” with 35 spline axles, spool and 3.70 gears. Double adjustable AFCO shocks front and rear. Lightweight Aerospace prostreet front and rear disk brakes with dual calipers in the rear. TH400 transmission with many high strength billet and lightweight aluminum internals and PTC converter w/diode. Rear tires are 31x14x15 and include a slicks and street tires. Morrison Ladder bar suspension with Heim joints.
Front suspension has drag style tubular upper and lower control arms w/travel limiters and AFCO double adjustable shocks. Front springs were converted to coilover.

Engine – 272 Stage 2 block with Stage 2 heads. Block is one of the later castings with the BB Chevy rear main seal and 4 bolt mains. T&D rockers and solid roller cam. Compression is 10:1 with Titanium 6.5 Crower connecting rods. Crank is Billet Crower 3.59 stroke. Danny Bee Belt drive and custom 60-2 trigger wheel setup and single stage external oil pump. Headers are custom forward facing stainless equal length tubes and 88/96 V band turbo. Sheet metal intake tops it all off.
Fuel and data management is all FAST XFI and DASH data logger. EGT module, GPS, and thermocouple add-on modules are included as well as the flex fuel sensor. At least 7 analog pressure sensors are installed throughout the engine and transmission. Fuel is supplied by a custom stainless fuel cell with an internal Aeromotive brushless gear pump and 225# injectors.

Body is all steal except for fiberglass bumpers and aluminum supports. Paint and body are in excellent condition using PPG paint. Color is remixed code 79 dark red (Burgundy).
I have some other spare stuff that can go with the car. Asking 42,000 firm.
If interested, please PM me
Allan Gorneault.

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Dec 9, 2002
Wow! You're giving that away. You couldn't build half that car for 42k. Please someone that knows these cars well buy it and keep it in action.