Storage Protection


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I'm having some work done on my garage, so the GN will be losing it's home for a little while. I've arranged the use of someone else's garage for temporary storage. However, being somewhat obsessive, I am concerned about the car being scratched or dented. Does anyone have any good ideas about how to protect it while it is not in my garage?


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car cover would be a good start. are there kids and at the other garage if so lock the doors. when i put it up at someones house i cover it lock it up and pull the fuse for the ignition cuz you never know.... that what i did mine is sitting in my friends garage waiting on a turbo rebuild. and its covered and no kids to play around it. and the garage door is locked ( at least i hope it is :eek:)


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Store it in a public storeage unit, an by the insurance,try to get a temp contoled unit or might loose your headliner.If storing for more then year, its good idea to jack the car up an put it on stands to save the suspenion an tires.



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I will definitely have my car cover on and the doors locked. It will only be there about 10 days. I wish I could bubble wrap it! :D


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That "bubble" cover is funny. But the thing is.........I'm glad to see I'm not the only neurotic guy out there. I have a 2 car garage, and I built a wooden wall surrounging my car to protect it from the "elements" (read as ..."wife and kids" ) ha ha ha