Stolen Car: Please Help Kansas City!


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$10,000 Reward
Yeah, it is a honda but it is still missing. Read the Details. Thank you

very good friend of mine had his show car, the 24' enclosed trailer it was in, and the Dodge tow vehicle stolen from a hotel parking lot. He was in Kansas City for the USACi World Finals.

If any of you have friends, or contacts, or are members of forums with people in the KC area, could you please help spread the word about this to try and help find the truck, trailer, and car.

The show car was a green Civic with heavily modified interior and lots of high-end audio equipment, and had previously been featured on Horsepower TV during that show's own Civic project feature.

Here is the post from another forum...

Yessir. The great hood rats of Kansas City, MO strike again during USACi Finals.

Steven Head's DLS Civic including the trailer it was in, the Dodge 3500 Dually pickup hauling it and countless amounts of gear and tools was stolen from right in front of the Doubletree hotel. The Dodge is gray and has a topper on the back. Trailer is a white 24' enclosed trailer with "Team Audionizzle" vinyl decals on the sides.

Front desk says they saw two black guys walking around by it. Called the cops and when the dumbasses arrived a HALF HOUR LATER, it was gone.

PLEASE!!! If ANYONE saw ANYTHING or has ANY info whatsoever leading to the recover and/or arrest of said theives, give it to me ASAP! Steven Head is officially offering a $10,000 reward!

more specifics on the trailer>>>
it is a 24' Continental Cargo with beaver-tail rear ramp
Model number is GAVH8.524TA3 , year 2003
it also just had a special load-bearing hitch put on the tongue that was massive and definitely not easily remo

Here is an equipment list>>>>
Sony C90/XDP4000 combo
Sony 6" LCD
Sony CDX-T65 changer
4) DLS OA12 freeairs
2) Oz Audio 250H freeairs
1 DLS Iridium 8.3 3way set
2) DLS A2 amps
2) DLS A3 amps
1) Stinger red 800CCA drycell
2) Stinger SDB1000 drycells
4) Stinger antidotes
CrystalLine Silencer noise gate

Everyone has seen the install, if it's teal and it's fiberglass, it is probably out of the civic.

Enkei RS6 18X7.5
Yokohama Parada 215/35ZR18
Tokico shocks
Ground control coil overs
Suspension techniques sway bars
AEM big brakes
Cervinis Sniper ram air hood
Hondasport mid-height wing
projector heads/euro clears/altezza rears
Wings West RS sides and rear (with molded gas doors)
Henshin Buddy 2 front
Spoon mirrors
Lambo door conversion kit
1.6L SOHC polished
Greddy Turbo kit
GReddy oversize intercooler
polished piping/polished turbo housing
Greddy catch can
Skunk 2 cam gear
Matrix Motorsports polished intake manifold
Tanabe Racing medallion cat back
polished cat-bypass
Jackson Racing fuel pressure reg
B&M pressure riser
ACT clutch/PP/flywheel
Autometer gauges
Greddy ProfecB boost controller
Greddy turbo timer
Sparco Corsa steering wheel
AC Autotechnic strut bar
Fluidyne aluminum radiator
polished overflow cans
FLex-A-Lite fan

Other stuff that was inside the truck and trailer>>>

Audio Control RTA w/ 170dB mics
Voicetablet custom touch-screen laptop w/voice recognition
75A power supply
case of Audionutz T-shirts (about 70 or so)
countless CDs, most are one-off SQ stuff and custom burns that could never be replaced.
a briefcase(which sadly contained both the Civic title AND the trailer title---do not worry, DMV has been notified of both VIN numbers and the titles are frozen!)it also contained tax statements, SSnumbers, C.C. statements, and business and personal checkbooks (yes, all have been frozen and reported)
small toolbox, maybe 400$ worth
roll-around tool cart
the dually had a modest system in it as well with video
They just finished paying off the trailer this week too!
a couple amps they were returning to Arc Audio
a Casio digital camera, memory cards, and whatnot
a photo album for the car's presentation
a large amount of old-school CDs, most of which are out of print now

and last but definitely not least, there is another smaller victim of this theft.....the Audionutz team minibike (Blata 2.5 Pocketbike) was in the trailer too! Just more icing on the cake. It was worth a cool 1300 by itself.



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One of the car owner's team was contacted by someone in the KC area that overheard some talk about stolen items, etc from the USACi show. He over heard them talk about a possible chop shop location. Approximately 2 blocks north of New Image Motorsports on Southwest Blvd. It's an unmarked warehouse type building. If anyone could check the area out and get back to me, it'd be GREATLY appreciated!

Please if you have anytime at all...check this out!


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Sorry to hear that man!! By all means give Doug a call. I'm in Sedalia or I'd go look myself. I'd bet Doug would help a fellow board member out if asked.

Best of luck getting the property back and nailing those responsible! That Civic is tight :)

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Sorry to hear about this!

Nothing ticks me off more than a worthless #$% theives!

In saying this, check and see if the hotel and or other surrounding building have on sight security camaras. I'm sure there is something that may assist you in finding the scumb bags who stole your buddies pride and joy. Otherwise, nice car and hope you guys get it back.



Did you notify the police with this new info? I have a friend that has a bar just down the street from there and I'll see if he might know something about that place. I'll see if I can run by there tomorrow after work, it's on my way home.

BTW, all of that audio equipment, wicked custom car and no alarm on the truck?:confused:


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An annonymous tip called in to the KCPD placed the car in St. Louis. KCPD coordinated with the St. Louis PD who eventually confirmed the car was at the location and recovered it.

Still no sign of the tow vehicle and trailor, but needless to say Steve is still a VERY happy man. They're on their way to St. Louis from KC as we speak to pick up the car. There is absolutely NO damage aside from the ground effects that were damaged when the cops put it on a flatbed.

Further details as events warrant!! Stay tuned.