Stocking Stuffer Specials!

Hartline Perf.

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This year get what you want in your stocking!
Make a list and give your wife or girl friend our phone number!
Here are some Great Stocking Stuffer Specials.....

XFI Plug N Play Package ~ FREE Internal Data Logger
Package includes EVERYTHING... XFI 2.05, Wideband O2, O2 Connection Cable, Communication Cable, USB to Serial Port Adapter, O2 Bung, 3 Bar MAP Sensor, LONG LEAD Plug n Play Adapter Harness, and Software. We include "Custom Start Up" Program(s) and Follow up Tech Support! Complete Package $ 2,000.00 plus FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. (excluding Puerto Rico)!
*Make this package even better by adding the New F.A.S.T. e-Dash for $ 340.00 The New e-Dash is Full Color Touch Screen. It can monitor up to 20 sensors, make adjustments and allow you to change programs within your XFI box!

Those of you wanting that New Billet Wheel Turbo under your Christmas tree....Give us a call for pricing, plus FREE Shipping in the U.S. (excluding Puerto Rico).

How about a BOOST CONTROLLER (y)
Leash Electronic "Best Seller" Boost Controller $ 520.00
AMS1000 Boost Controller ( #1 on the market) $ 900.00
AMS500 Boost Controller $ 375.00

We Offer Additional Discounts on PACKAGE DEALS, so if you don't see what you are looking for, just give us a call 321-610-1500 and we will give you a "Special"!!
*These Specials are good until December 19th, 2014, so do not delay!
**You MUST mention this AD to receive these discounts.

Merry Christmas to Our Buick Family!
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Quite a few of you are going to have a great Christmas. I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken advantage of our Christmas special so far. Merry Christmas!


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Probably. I'll have to check in the am. If not, I'll get you the part number to buy locally