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hello people: I have not been driving my TB this summer, but I found in my driveway a small badge. It says factory rebuld with a serial number and other numbers. I bought my 86 T from the orignal owner and he never mentioned that. Any of yuoz have a badge anywhere on your stock turbo? I wonder if I could trace the S/N? Just for fun.

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on the compressor side backplate, there is a small rectangle cast that would accept the factory Garrett tag and the "Rebuilt for General Motors" tag. an aluminum tag...use a dab of aviation permatex - the tar-like stuff - to re-attach.
Garrett nameplate_25527600 - Rebuilt for GM.JPG


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It was not uncommon to replace the turbos under warranty. The original owner might not have even realized they did it. I worked at a parts store back in the day that delivered to a local GM dealer and I was friends with the mechanics. I wound up with a perfectly good original TTA turbo for just the core charge when it was replaced under warranty. The fact there was a core charge indicates they did rebuild them.