Stock TType 15x7 wheel fitment with Aerospace Front Disc Brakes


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I have Aerospace front/rear disc brakes on my TType and want to know if a stock TType wheel will fit without issues. Does anypne run these brakes with stock TType wheels?

Concerned that Caliper will not clear the inside of the wheels. The TType wheels are stock size 15x7

Looking to have a second set of wheels /tires for my car.

Not interested in selling my Billet Specialty Wheels

Anyone have feedback on fitment?

TType side view.jpeg


Rick the pool guy

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My friend is running a aftermarket brake setup I think it's aerospace or wildwood on a T wheel setup with no problems.
I would put a rim on and check for clearance.
Btw beautiful T type love the color


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Don't have your exact answer needed but I have the aerospace front brake kit on my GN and they required a 1/2 inch spacer (came with kit). I run the Centerline AutoDrags 15x8 and without them the wheel won't move. I'd assume this would be the requirement for those wheels also.