Stock suspension crashing sound over bumps


I have been chasing a loud thumping/crashing sound that sounds like something is taking out the windshield and was curious if anyone else has had similar symptoms or issues.

I replaced the shocks and did a visual on everything. I also checked the wheel play on a lift to verify the tie rods/ends were tight.

I happens slightly @ low speeds around town with shallow potholes and road markers, but is load as hell if the bump or hole is deeper.

Literally sounds like something is hitting the dash.

Any ideas? I'm going to re-lube everything again and step through it all. Motor mount?

Any ideas?

NY Twin Turbo

All the good stuff.....Times 2.
Sound more like your body bushings are gone and your car bounces on the frame when you hit bumps. Check them all. Uppers and lowers. See if the bolts have pulled out of the body.


Lubing the hood stops didn't seem to have any impact. I lubed the entire front end excessively and wiped off the excess...problem went away...for now. Thanks for the replies.