Stock replacement lug nuts are falling apart


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I bought a complete set of aftermarket stock lug nuts from a reputable vendor a few yrs back and have of them the caps are falling off the hex portion. What can I do to fix them? Should I just throw them out and get new ones? If so who sells GN lug nuts that will stay together? Thanks


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They are not repairable.
Get another set. Get two. Keep the spares in the trunk.
Or find lug nuts that don't have the decorative cover. It always comes apart.


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X2 on a different style. Unless you are going with a 100% stock unit the original will separate with enough r&r.


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And put the impact gun away, its not for shiny parts. save it for when your changing the tracks on your excavator. A 6 point chrome socket and breaker bar and the new set will last 10 years or 30 tire rotations.