Stock long block and BRF transmission for sale


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Offering these locally for someone to pick up.

Factory long block from my 87 T. 125,000K. It blew a head gasket about 6 months ago and immediately removed from the car. #3 cylinder blew into lifter valley. No coolant in oil. I believe it's never been opened up except to replace the timing chain. $1100

Factory BRF transmission with tag from the same car. 125,000K. Shift kit installed by Don Wang (DRW Transmissions) in San Diego many years ago. Still shifted firm and operated perfectly when I took it out last year. Only replaced it because I got a deal on a used Lonnie Diers Stage 3. $600

Located in Edmonds, WA.


Not a Gn
I'll take the brf if you would ship it threw fastenal. If not it's a good deal for a local.

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TB since 1996


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