Stock IC and other misc parts


I have the stock intercooler off my project with shroud, brackets, ic fan and up-pipe. All is in good condition except scoop portion of shroud and one bolt hole on passenger side of intercooler either needs tapped or helicoil inserted. Would like $80 plus shipping.

I plan to be at RCG event on Thursday/Friday if that helps.

Also have some other parts from older listings (OBO): (shipping extra)
-test pipe for stock downpipe $20
-3" test pipe w cutout $30
-original ecm with original chip $sold
-original coil pack with replacement ignition module $sold
-stock fuel pressure regulator $10
-stock fuel pump hanger with stock replacement pump from digital dash car $35

Probably other stuff I'm missing but I'll update as I go...

-found a j bracket with heat shield and turbo shield $40 (little surface rust, i can media blast before shipping and you can paint if needed) - SOLD.


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Do you have the bolts too?

Had to go look. I have the 1 bolt holding the heat shield on and the 4 bolts that hold the turbo shield that can go with it. Are you sure you don't need the whole thing.


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Are the heat shield and turbo bracket still available will take them if so.

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Feel free to make offers on whats left if you need it. I'll be more flexible if i don't have to ship it.

Also the 3" test pipe does have the 4 bolt flange don't know what I was thinking when i typed it up.