Stock Goodyear's GT tires worth??


Sold Mine Few Years Back

I BELIEVE FOR $2-300(4 tires) TO A BOARD MEMBER HERE:cool: they were (4)raised white letter 2,500 mile mint!!!


Black Wall Eagle GT OEM are easier to find and get a great deal but they are worth (LESS than Raised white letter eagle gt -OEM),

$300 give or take is a great deal, but some owners frown on the quality of OEM NOS Tires, excellent car parts are worth the money, each part varies... just like cars and weather conditions, how the paret is stored from lack of use...


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I sold a set of rims and tires last year with 13k on them for about $1600 on ebay. The tires were far from mint and had a little cracking visible from about a foot. 2 were in better shape then the other 2 and they had the un common raised white letters