Stock fuel tank sending unit connections to AN fittings?

What is the best way to connect AN fittings to a stock fuel tank sending unit? I have used the compression fittings on cut off barbs before and that seemed to work. I have seen other fittings that looked to slide over and catch on the existing barbs but I am not sure if that's only on plastic lines and not metal?


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I wouldn't even consider converting over to AN if it wasn't some sort of weld or solder. Bonus points if there's some sort of flair on the end of the stock tubes.

That is the LAST place you wan to have a leak and not know it.


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way easier to get a sending unit with the fittings already on it. Get a new wiring setup while you are there. Full throttle should have them in stock.
correct me if i am wrong, the picture shows a racetronix sending unit that appears to be a stainless version of a stock unti with AN fittings on it. Why can't i use the same fittings on a stock unit?
fuel sender.PNG