Standard Motor Products LX338 Ignition module


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If anyone is thinking about buying one from rock auto, this module does not work.

It states for Buick Turbo 86-87, however it does not fit, you can't even plug it into the harness, unless the one I got was mixed up with another or put in the wrong box who knows. I ordered this for a buddies T-Type along side a few other things for my DD.

Save yourself the frustration, get an A/C Delco unit.



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X2 on this.
IF YOU CAN FIND AN AC DELCO OEM MODULE, jump on it and have it for a spare. Eventually you will need it.

They are getting harder and harder to find. JUMP on it.


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Bobs tr6, never worry about it again

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every time I planned on buying the tr6, I have had a major unplanned break down or household expense at home, I'm thinking it's just not meant to be, LOL! this isn't for my car, it's for a buddy's T-type. I have since lent him a spare module which I had lying around.


I purchased the standard module. plugs in the same. Got the coil also. I haven't done anything but started it yet since it's raining.


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Well ladies and gents, it looks like we may have just received a package with the wrong module in it, thank you "Rock Auto" for sending us this.

I have been assured that the LX338 Standard motor products module works very well and by someone very knowledgeable. Thank you NOS4GN, for the clarification and photos you had sent. Thumbs up to a great vendor!!