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Hey guys, been looking for a new handgun. Local shop has the Springfield Armory guns in stock, and they look pretty nice. I'd just like a second opinion on them. I figure the salesman was a little biased.
I'm looking for something for family protection, and to have a little fun at the shooting range.
Been looking at the XD9101 (9mm), and the XD9102 (.40S&W)
They are both the same price, and seem to share similar specs. Any recomendations between the two?


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Both are nice handguns

If you really like shooting and want to get some tatical gear and training rounds check out my family's web site staction.com Firearmes can be alot of fun for you and the family, I'm still trying to get my girlfriend to understand that firearms aren't for just crooks. Good luck with your purchase,

P.S. you might want to do some research at http://www.ar15.com/forums/


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Yeah, I know you didn't list Glock, but for the cost they are the best handgun around. They are simple, robust, reliable and usually less expensive than other brands. I use for both on and off-duty carry. If the g/f is concerned about firearms, just remind her that they are inert tools, neither inherently evil nor good. Just like a power-saw or an automobile (except ricers, they are all hell-spawn;)). When somebody brings up some scenario like Columbine, etc., I always point out that it was firearms, in the hands of good people, that stopped the carnage.:eek:.
Anyway, whatever you decide to get, I like to buy a box of clay pigeons (w/ bright orange centers) to plink at. Paper targets are okay, but if you want to introduce someone to shooting, it is nice to get immediate satisfaction by seeing the target get hit(plus the clay targets are good even after they are broken to sharpen your aim).
Remember: SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Don't point at anything you don't want to see with extra holes in it!
Just my $00.02

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I have the springfield xd 40. Its a 4 inch with the stainless slide. Excellant choice. It was number one gun of the year last year. The FBI and some Military use them.

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The XD is a really good gun. It was handgun of the year in 2003. I believe it is made in Croatia?

I think the Glock is a great all purpose firearm. I used the Glock 22 (.40 cal) and Glock 27 (baby .40) for patrol. It was a nice weapon system as the 22 mags would also fit in the 27. Glock came to our range, threw a Glock 17 as high in the air as possible letting it land on the concrete and it didnt skip a beat.

Now that I am plainclothes, I carry a Sig Sauer p220 (45). This weapon is by far the best shooter I have shot. I also have and like the HK P7M8 (squeeze cock).

The 1911 stytle pistols are also great shooters. I was never fond of the "cock and lock". Kimber makes an excellent (pricey) 1911.


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Just re-read your post. I didnt answer your questions. I think that the Springfield XD would be a good purchase. If I was not buying so many car parts I would get one. My family owns a gun store so I pay cost. I like the stopping power of the 40. 9mm may be more family oriented if you want them involved. 9mm will have less recoil and not as loud. We did some tests with a 45, 40 and 9mm and the 9 was the only one that would go thru a car door. The XD also come in 3 different sizes FYI.



any of the Kimber 1911 models will be a great choice. also check out Para they make an excellent hand gun.


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Originally posted by onequick6
I'm looking for something for family protection,
Be sure to get some good tactical training.
Firing within the confines of a building, and with lives at stake takes some discipline. Alot more then you might imagine. Find a place that puts alot of stress into the training. The walk around tac-tac classes just don't cut it.

Nature point of aim counts alot also. Get a gun that matchs your normal point of aim. For real tactic use, you want something you don't have to think about aiming.
Might go to a range, and rent a few different weapons and see which one really matchs you. An indoors, short range and not using sights is where you want to be effective.

If your going to keep a gun in the house there's alot that goes with it.
And the training needs constant repeatition.
Assuming anything can cost a life, maybe even a friendly.


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I know that they are a little pricey, and I am not very familiar with the lower end colt, springfield armory, and so forth, but I am fortunate to have bought one of the original, as made in the usa, Springfield Armory Trophy Match, blue on blue, and with a little better trigger, some internal polishing, and a little tighter bushing to barrel fit, $ 800, about in maybe 1995 or so, it comes in only a little behind my Les Baer Premier II, which comes in only a little behing my late '60's Jim Hoag modified longslide. All are ;45 cal. If you do a search over on turbo 6 power, there are pics of all three that I posted about a month ago. Dollar for dollar, unless you are a true gun slut, the ugly azz Glocks are hard to beat. Glocks are far too ugly for me to own any, but they are hard to beat for basic protection hand guns. Personally, I only like single action John Browning designeed 1911's such as mentioned above.
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I have the Springfield Armory 1911 A-1 in stainless in 9m/m. It shoots great and that is just with cast bullet reloads.
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Glocks are ok pistols. Most people have had better luck with their Glocks than I did. Some say Glocks feed and fire anything, but that wasn't my experience. My Glock M21 .45 ACP was sensitive to both different brands of ammo as well as magazines. Way too many failures to feed for my liking. Not only that, but the factory triggers suck ass. I dumped it for a Kimber 1911 Custom and never looked back. Of course I'd still rather have my .357 S&W 586 Combat Magnum than any autoloader.


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Ask Robert Deneiro (movie: Ronin)
"You want a real gun? Get a 1911"

On Duty: Para Ordnance, 14 rounds .45 caliber + 1 in chamber=
almost no recoil & precise trigger. $700

Off duty: Springfield Ultra compact 1911 .45 cal. 3.5" barrel


Originally posted by spyrs69

On Duty: Para Ordnance, 14 rounds .45 caliber + 1 in chamber=
almost no recoil & precise trigger. $700

Yeah, except us squids in the general public are only allowed 10 round mags. For law enforcement use I think the Para is a probably a good choice and could see why you would like it since you can get the LE only 14 round mags. For the rest of us a couple extra shots isn't worth the extra weight or bulk of the Para Ordnance pistols over a single stack 1911 in my opinion. :)

Anyway, sorry for the detour on your thread onequick6. I don't have any hands on experience with the Springfield XD pistols. However, having owned several Springfield M1A rifles and used them heavily in the past for competitive shooting I can tell you that Springfield makes a good product. On the one occasion where a problem did arise it was taken care of quickly under warranty. :)


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On the Para you can get pre-ban mags for around $60.
If you have smaller hands the single stack mag grip will be nicer though, I do concur.