Spring questions

Two question, for two different cars.
1. 87 gn that's a street strip car that's mostly a factory build car. If I want to lower it a tiny bit while refreshing things is the moog 5608 up front and a duralast rear spring the ticket? Then pick a shock? Think 99% street.

Car number 2.
Silly gutted and lightweight regal. Haven't scaled it but plan to. Has some v6 spring cut along with new comp engineering 90/10s up front. All new rubber bushings and baljoints. Is there a cheap spring front and rear that will work for the strip or grudge racing? It's a very budget and basic car so it doesn't need fancy parts, everything has been value for your dollar or bang for the buck.
Anyone have any recent input? Most of the info is from ten years ago or so and I'm just wanting to see if there's better options now.
Yea weighing the race car will make more sense to pick springs.

For a normal turbo buick street car is the 5658 front spring and either the autozone rear springs or moog 5413 rear still the ticket along with bilstiens? I'm looking for just a small drop and better handling for street driving.