Spring is here. Time for the checklist.


Finally got the GN out of hibernation. I had to get it to the shop to do ball joints and replace the extension housing bushing (brass bushing with the dimples in it). We couldn't figure how to get the damn thing out. Is there a special puller that we need for this? The pullers we had didn't work with such little room we had with the output shaft in the way. I also have been fighting this thing pulling to the right and wandering at highway speeds for some time (checked alignment twice) and need to replace the steering linkage (got an upgraded one from Kirban) but wanted to replace the rear control arm bushings as well as I think it may help. Seeing what others have done for upgrades to the rear bushings/Control Arms?

I've given up on chasing my KR and I don't race and it's a weekend warrior car so want to get these other small things figured out. Car runs great now with the new FP, regulator, ignition and power plate.

Appreciate the help as always.