Speedo not working & no vss signal


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What are the odds and cause of both not working.

I did just pull the transmission to replace the converter and I was replacing bulbs in the dash cluster.

No mph reading on the scanmaster as well, no codes.


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The odds are 100%. The VSS signal comes off of the speedometer. If the speedometer isn't working you will not get a VSS signal.


Planning next secret evil upgrade
The cable broke and kiss my ass and you're welcome for the thread.
The kiss my ass comment was for the car, just to clarify.

I saw your thread with the same type of issue. I replaced the cable, but the coupler at the tranny was the wrong pitch and the the one at the speed was too tight to slide all the way to the clip. Took the couplers from the old cable and crimped them on the new.

I'm gonna start a thread and list all the brands that say their parts fit and don't even come close, because holy shit have I gone through alot.