Specials and inventory clearance


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Mike, is the front mount at $844.99 the one that is rated @ 950 hp capable on their site? What is your normal price? Might buy this now instead of waiting until spring if the pricing is incentive enough. Thanks Brian

Mike Licht

I was here first
Th regualr price on the front mount is $899 we lowered the price for now can't say it will be there is the spring nbut let us know when your ready.


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Hey Mike.
When is the Holiday/New year sale gonna be announced?

A real good engine parts sale with stuff like roller cam kits, oil coolers, gasket kits, and a continuation of the great success on the roller rocker deal.

Of course those are the best selection for end of year sales - or parts I need :p
Harland Sharp Roller Rockers

I bought some of these and they look great. Waiting on my motor transfer to try them out. A buddy of mine says they make his T & D's look like cr*p.
Great price!! Thanks Mike.