Spark, Fuel, No start


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New Owner of 1984 Grand National
Last year purchase.
Ran great all summer, stored for the winter.
Started it every month with no issues.
This past month, it cranked over for a few seconds and then wouldn't start.
We have spark, fuel pump engages, fuel pressure is just under 40 psi, we have compression, I have tried spraying brake cleaner into intake, but she won't start.
I have unplugged the MAF, no start.

Need help with some diagnosis.



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I will move to ether. Thank you.
I will also check for wiring on battery for fuse.
Ordered CCCI sensor check from Casper's.
Wish me luck.

Chuck Leeper

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There's a connector at the orange wire. No fuse unless someone has added it.
Not uncommon to see issues at the orange wire.
However, if it's broken, the ecm will not be powered up.
So, no ecm, no spark, nor fuel pump prime.


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Gentlemen, appreciate the help.
Quick update, looking for advice before ordering parts.

Had a scan tool in today, we got some CODES.
1. 43 - Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Circuit - low voltage detected,
Electronic Spark Control (ESC) - circuit problems
2. 44 - Lean exhaust indicated (left side on dual oxygen models)
3. 45 - Rich exhaust indicated (left side on dual oxygen models)

Seeking help once again


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In my opinion, replace coil pack, then the ignition module if coil pack doesn’t resolve, seems you have covered most other bases. My 87 turned into a dependable daily after replaced the originals. There are several vendors on this board that are reasonable on both of those parts and they are simple to replace. I’m sure you didn’t get your plug wires out of order did you?
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Quick update gentlemen,

No start as of yet.
New ignition module (Duralast)
New coil pack (AC Delco)
Scan tool still indicating Codes 43, Electronic Spark Timing and electronic Spark Control.

Looking for guidance, please and thank you.


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Crank sensor ok? Also, there is a 30 amp fuse just above a 20 amp for the acc. In the fuse panel. I always mess up the letters but it is on the upper left of the panel, something like CCCI or something. Check that fuse.


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This question must be a joke If you have fuel and spark and air it will run sounds like your trying to run around block more then you have to