Sound System is completed

I know the added weight or looks is not for everyone but I'm happy with the outcome. Good friend of mine did all the work. System consists of kenwood head unit, kenwood 4" and 4x10 speakers in stock locations ( used as fill), 6.5 hybrid audio speakers in custom kick pods, 10" kickers subs in a ported box (shooting thru 4x10s) and all run by 1 Alpine pdx v9 amplifier. Can't forget about the upgraded 140 amp alternator . Sound is multiple times better than what it had and I was able to minimize the rattling. There is room for the jack but I decided not to put it back , now the spare on the other hand had already been taken out.

X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
You can tell a lot of thought went into this and the detail and design of the trunk is awesome....I am sure it sounds as good as it looks, you should be proud.
Looks amazing! Very clean work and if you are not hitting the track the weight will not be an issue.

I just started ordering stuff for my build. I’m going with a concert sound style setup in the doors, upgraded “3.5 in the dash and 6x9s in the rear. Also two “10s in the back.

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