Some VERY Nice Hot Air Parts & Tons of 86-87 Parts.


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Fake story line, yes . . . but nothing fake about a smashed wwindow. Lol


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Fake story line, yes . . . but nothing fake about a smashed wwindow. Lol

Maybe he needed a new one anyway so decided to get some publicity out of it. Than again maybe they've just fell on their heads too many times.

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I'm old enough to remember when wrastlin was real, and the moon visit was fake!
For some of you really old guys:
Mr Moto
Gorgeous George. This guy had his hair done with gold bobby pins. He would send you one, if you asked.
Yukon Eric
Dick the Bruiser
Verne Gagne
Killer Kowalski
Antonio Rocco
All watched on our second hand, round, 12" b&w Zenith tv, with a "heat tube", to melt the snow.
Fun times, living on the farm.


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I used to help out with independent wrestling in Ontario. Met quite a few major wrestlers when they were 'guests stars'. The promoter was old school and had wrestlers like Coco B. Ware, King Kong Bundy, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, Jim 'The Anvil' Niedhart, etc.
Their new wrestler Crazzy Steve was a favorite of many!
And YES, it is scripted! But the blood can be real.

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i remember going to see the von erichs at our local collesium when i was a kid as hell... place was usually used for rodeo's LOL...and it smelled like it :p


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It’s not wrestling, however I was on the Capt. Kangaroo show in 1958, if that counts. I know I have drank to much Jack

Holy Cow!!! Every boys dream!!! Did you meet Mr. Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit, The Banana Man, etc!!!
Locally we had Skipper Sam and his Showboat show!!! He was played by Joseph Hazelwood who would go on to pilot the famous Exxon-Valdez. :LOL:
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