So I bought this roller...


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As some might remember I had a little incident last yr where my car took a pretty hard hit to the pass rear and folded the frame and rear quarter up. A member here made me a deal on an 86 roller that had a bunch of interior stuff, decent quarter and frame but is pretty rusty so the doors are pretty done and it is missing some stuff.
I had a friend come out to give me a price on some HVAC work. He is a turbo Buick guy and I've known him probably 30 yrs give or take. Any way I'm showing him my roller and laying out the plan to cut it up to fix my car and he was like man, this is a nicely optioned 1986 TType. They aren't making any more and I'm sure a guy could put a floor in it and fix the door bottoms and other rust. And I gotta say it has crossed my mind before so I kinda have it in my mind to hunt up floor stuff and see just how much that will go in parts and such. My son thought it a bad idea so I kinda shelved it until my buddy restarted the dreaming.
Has any one bought the $665 floor pan setup from gbody parts? Is it worth it over the pan from summit? I haven't really examined the underside so it will probably need the two cross members at the back and mid where the seat goes.
That said I'm in no hurry and would try to do it myself like I do everything else as that is what the hobby is about to me.

Anyone have pix of their delving into something like this? Am I crazy and need to just find a regular regal roller and put that together? I guess I figured I'd have the body off the frame and could do -8 feed and -6 return as well as the body bushings while it was apart. I want a chrome trim car and have an 87 leather set of seats to go in it. Might go rosewood or some other newer color. Wife was kinda on board as I have my eye on another car a guy took apart so that would keep me out of buying another one in her mind and I could build this one like I want it as so much is missing and I have a lot of parts.

Sorry for the ramble. I'm sure you north guys would laugh and call it rust free.

Any thoughts post em up I'd like to know what others might do.

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Everyone is different, so here's my .02. I'd fix the floor in the roller and swap your engine and trans into it. Keep the hit car somewhere nice and dry for later use or fixing. Keep them both. Drive the easier one to fix.


Texas, Where are you from
I guess I couldn't find that section so I went here.
Yeah, the original car will get fixed as it is my first new car and I am the original owner so it isn't going any where. I've never replaced a quarter or a floor pan but YouTube makes either seem doable. I graduated HS in 1986 so that is something I wished for when I graduated. But I didn't come from money so I got a job and bought the one I have.


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You will find all the body panels replaceable (re-pop's) except for the "rear seat pan" - if you need one of these, then you will have to go to a donor car.


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Encapsulate 'em in POR15 and start driving them. :p

Got me 10 years extra out of my WE4 after the rear hit.

I say fix them all, but I'm a hippocritter 'cause my roller's been sitting in the driveway for years now.... :oops:


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Besides body work and frame, what else is needed to get you going?
I have another line on a somewhat local guy who deals in g body. Might just look into another body or full roller and do both cars from that. I have been trying to get the trans in our 94 suburban pulled(been a while, got the drive shaft and exhaust pulled ) out so I can have the torque converter overhauled and install the original trans I put new clutches and seals in. . This will clear some space out. I've been thinking about a gantry crane and hoist to be able to pick up a body. Saw em at the northern tool for like $489 with a coupon and another $200-300 for a 110v winch. This would let us pick up bigger things as I think it is rated to 2k#.

I didn't see where a full quarter could be had. Is there a link to that? I can always just get the sand blaster loose in the driveway and see what Is left under this roller and fab up what I need out of some sheet metal I guess. The og we4 could be straighted and cut and played as suggested by h Cervantes who pulled the frame to get it where it is now. I wasn't sure where we were going when he did it so I didn't want him to waste the time if we just swapped in another frame .

Lots of dreams only so much time. I'm about ready to get the GS out and moth ball the we4 and see how that goes for a while, just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Hell to get old. I have come to grips with the fact I can't roll 24/7 like my younger days.

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. And keep em coming. I know I want to put something together so we can go to the car events again.


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If you need anything and I have it, I will donate to the project amd meet half way for free delivery.

Keep us posted.


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Odds are the two floorpans are the same thing. I can't imagine there's a line of people wanting to build huge molds to stamp out one part for a car that's been out of production for 1/3 of a century.


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The price sure seems like a big difference. Just wondered why and if anyone had actually bought either or both. I don't have the front carpet out yet. Might not need that front section . The rust holes are at what appears to be a cross member where the rear seat is. Thinking I'll continue to strip it down and pull it off the frame and see where I'm at. Probably get a hood and one of these hf sand blaster things and go at it and see how much is left when I get to clean metal. Might even be able to Fab something up and weld it in. Looks like gbody parts sells a cross member so might need that. If enough disappears a mini tub might be in order

Another upside as we were digging out the Halloween decore I came across another hb booster in my hoard of crap. And a set of 15x4 and 15x8 prostar wheels. And I got the lugs and some longer studs to run em this time.
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