hot is it where you are?


eggs are liquid chicken
Don't pay any attention to the's not rain. It's piles of dead people.


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Bruce Urie

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Here in Central Virginia it was 95 today, but finally we are getting rain as I type....finally....but expect the temps to go back up into the 90s hot to wash the car, but has to be's against the law here to drive a dirty car...:rolleyes:

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Well the thermometer I leave in the car was checked less than an hour ago. It had 140 on it, and the windows weren't closed either.
Working security for FEMA in Joplin, MO. It's been hot consistently over 100 for several weeks. Last Wednesday in Salina, KS where I am from we shared the national high temp at 113. I work at night here so it is nice to not have to work in the heat of the day because I sleep through it.:D


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115* in Phoenix yesterday with rain in the evening cooling it down to comfy 103 at 10:30 pm.:eek:

Expected to be hotter today with more thunderstorms in the forecast.:mad:

But it's a DRY heat............MALARKEY!!!!!!!:D