I am going to be taking my car to the track next Friday for test/tune night and I was wanting to know if a (snell m2000) would be suffice. Also, what type of helmet do you guys prefer open or full face? Thanks


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snell 2000 expired 2012 , snell 2005 expired in 2017
you need a 2010 (will expire 1/01/2022) or newer 2015 for the track

faster than 11.50 requires roll bar and fire jacket
10,0 faster should have aftermarket axles with c-clip eliminators
most tracks want a firejacket if turbo isnt stock
most tracks want a driveshaft loop if on sticky tires

running 9.99 or quicker and /or faster than 135mph requires full roll cage /window net / full face helmet / battery shutoff a comp license ..and a bunch of other things
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no idea how quick you are but if you are in MD under 13.99 you dont need a helmet from what i recall , but its wise to wear one because you arent the only car on the track
NJ requires one at any speed but doesnt need to be snell approved slower than 13.99 DOT rated is ok when you're that slow
pacecarta, I do appreciate you breaking it down the way you just did. That is some valuable information to have for sure. I guess I need to buy me a helmet that is snell 2010 or 2015. Thank you!