SMC controls


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Hi all, new to the GN world. I have what I believe to be an old SMC controller. The armed light will come on as normal and then when I get on the gas the "spray on" light will come on as it should - but when I am out of the gas that light continues to stay on until the car is shut off. What can cause that? Any help would be appreciated!!


I'd get yelled at if I didn't start with ...get rid of that thing! More importantly than the light, figure out if the pump is working, do some research on how to test it. Not to get too basic but if you're new to TR's, there is quite a bit to take in and an order to things. Got to have something like powerlogger. Tune the car with basics first. Plenty of posts on that. Most likely that pump is waay past doing what it needs to do, they only last a few years at best. You need a progressive unit (ALKY CONTROL is popular, with me anyway;) I believe SMC may also have one now, old one isn't. Things have come a long way. Make sure your fuel system is up to par, intake has no leaks, MAF is working, O2 readings are in line, boost gage, etc. That said, if you find you need parts for that jalopy of an alky kit, PM me. I somehow ended up with my own retired set from ~14 years ago, then another from a car I purchased last year, pulled it out first thing! Replaced with ALKY CONTROL.