SLIC V6 - 'Stuck in the '90's' - Resto/Update


New Member from Randolph, NJ here.
I'm the original owner of a 1987 GN. (75K Miles)
I added some bolt-ons and raced the car through the mid 1990's. (Best Time of 12.90 @104.5)
I've been a lurker for a while and recently joined since I will be active with the car again.
The car has been sitting in my garage for the last 5-10 Years. (Ashamed of the dust and debris on it!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions to my 'New Member' thread, and a couple of the members asked for some pictures.
I'll be using this thread to document my Resto/Update.

I've seen how well kept most of the members have their Turbo Regals, and I am thoroughly impressed. (And embarrassed of mine!!)
I realize that everyone wants something different from their car, and I enjoy seeing people enjoying their TR's whatever path they choose!

Here are a few pictures of the '90's' modifications.
Please let me know if you'd like something else shown, or want more information on anything that I'm doing with the car.

Dusty as it sits in the garage.
Southside Machine Lift Bars


Engine Pic (Kenne-Bell Cool Valves, rusted original Turbo Shield)


Kenne-Bell Headers (Jet Hot Coated) with ATR 3" Internal Gate Downpipe


Kenne-Bell Ram Air


Original Hood Blanket




Better shot of the Rear


'Stuck in the '90's' American Racing Rims (15x7 purchased because my stock chrome was bubbling/peeling off)



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Here is the list of the Bolt Ons that I added to the car from 1987 through the mid 90's or so.
View attachment 350971
Lots of old school parts right there. I would get a Turbo Tweak chip and some minimum 60lb injectors.Or go E85 with some 120s and a E85 chip from TT. Im looking at that list and I want to say only 4 of them are left. Sad. That's a cool car with lots of cool parts. My buddy had a Supra trans done by Level 10 years ago


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Some of those mods are not bad but I think I would start with a fresh fuel pump and skip the second Bosch pump and like Chopped suggested a modern chip and injector combo. Hey, your in the game still, nothing wrong with that. Oh, you probably need to do a full spring cleaning too after sitting so long.


Thanks Chopped & Pronto!
I have purchased the new fuel tank kit from GBodyParts, along with the DW300 pump upgrade. (Tank, Isolator straps, hangers, new O-ring & locknut)
The Bosch Secondary pump will be removed.
I'm going to put the stock chip back in it, just to get it running.
I received the GBodyParts Aluminum Reproduction Rim set (15x7 & 15x10) and they are GORGEOUS!!!
I plan to freshen up some of the suspension parts and then get it up to Bison Performance in Connecticut for some upgrades.
Thanks so much for the interest and the suggestions! (Always welcome!!!) :)


Fuel tank kit w/DW300 pump, 160 t-stat with billet neck & hold down, brake accumulator & pressure switch, Powermaster Manual.

20200117_102710.jpg 20200117_102723.jpg 20200117_102729.jpg 20200117_102737.jpg 20200117_102743.jpg 20200117_103021.jpg
Eastwood Paint Prep & Tank Tone.

Painted new tank.
20200204_163657.jpg 20200204_163704.jpg


Thank you Chuck Leeper!
I did a visual on the outside of the lines and they didn't look bad at all, but your point is well taken that it is probably not the case on the insides.
Any recommendations for replacement parts?
Does anyone sell a full replacement kit (Including rails) that can be done by a "do-it-yourself'er"?

I really only want to do this once.


Thanks Pronto, I have a new set of Injectors from TurboTweak (through Bison) here.
Any recommendations on Fuel Line/Rail kits?
Thanks to all for the recommendations on parts to replace.
I certainly don't want to do any damage that will make anything worse after sitting so long!!!
Much Appreciated!!


Thank you Pronto, good tip on disconnecting and blowing out the lines first.
I do have a new fuel filter ready to go.