Site is terrible


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My notifications only go back about a day. So I have to do a search every time I need to go back to my thread which is a complete disaster in itself. I search my exact wording or profile name and nothing comes up. Amazing. This site has always had these little issues forever I don’t get it.


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Oh but at least we have adds that pop up now. Great. As if I didn’t waste enough time trying to fix these damn cars. The sites just as temperamental and broken as them!!! How fitting


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I can appreciate both sides of this. It's nice when stuff works properly, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I think it's important to bring the issues to light though so that the developers can work out the bugs. The site is super quick now so that sure is nice!


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You should use Google to search this site, works way better. I also noticed how quicker the site is now. I think it's running much better than before, plus it's free.


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We are working on it, this is not google or microsoft. We do not have teams of workers slaving away on the issues. We are slowly trying to turn features back on to prevent the big issue we had before... We are doing the best we can.....
THIS IS THE EXACT REASON THERE IS NO AD FREE VERSION YET.... I will be damned if I will listen to anyone bitch after paying money... Not worth the hassle.....


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I often access the site thru Tapatalk. Will this be a option again at some point ?
Appreciate all your efforts past , present and future .
I can't speak for the powers that be but.
I'm sure it will . They just have to prioritize the issues right now. I'm sure every chance something else will be revamped and released even better then before.


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From what I understand the "Gold club" is still in effect.. Just send due's to I am a problem solver. :geek:

Here you go!

She's waiting for you.



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I for one am very thankful for this site. I have solved problems or questions many times. Things don't work perfect all the time and for sure when it comes to computers, internet etc. I run my own business and I almost need a part time person to take care of the crap that comes up on a everyday basis. Thanks for the site.


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I logged in on the special computer. Guards thought they locked my door.. ok ..send the 'doe" to me in NH. Hunter waits outside my "room".