Site acting up?


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I could not log on from laptop this morning. Had to use "forgot password" link to reset password. Once reset I could log in.



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Misbehaving for me too. Finally got logged on using IE instead of Mozilla. Phone app is messed up too. Did Jay give up on us?


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also looks like we lost a shit ton of info as of now. hope they can get it all back. cant blame jay too much. this is like a freebe for us so aa long as its all comes back ill be patient and happy


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Still unable to upload pics. Not whining,.... just an FYI boss. Thanks for doing what you do to keep the site alive.


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tapatalk continues to show no new posts! Appears as though everything is read every time I check.


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I am having search "for help" withdraws
Do what 87geein does..Use google and type "turbobuick + whatever your search subject is". For whatever reason you can still retrieve old posts on your particular search subject using this method. Some might say it works better than the search button...
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For what it's worth, when I try to log in on Tapatalk, I see the following error:

Server error occurred [Mysquli prepare error: Unknown column 'thread_read.thread_read_date' in 'where clause']

I see nothing in my Subscribed Threads, Unread Threads, Participated Threads, etc. But, it does show that I am logged-in as me. Maybe the above error description can help, I don't know.



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Ahhh chit!! the mobile app came back up for me. Now that we got this fixed, maybe we could look into a donate button linked to take care of this site. It's an addiction,like my Buick parts.I got to have it.