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Well last night I was just driving along about 55 mph and all of a sudden the motor just cut off and luckily I was able to coast to the side of the road. My gas gauge has been acting up lately, but I filled it up with 5 more gallons. The engine will turn, but no fire. It is now, unfortunately, sitting in a service station. Im sure I will find out tomorrow what it is--but anyone have any ideas what could have made it shut off just like that. There was no sign of trouble, no funny noises, and no big puddles afterwards. Any help from you guys would be great!---Eric S;)


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if it starts and runs tomorrow, then i suspect the fuel pump is acting up-

when you turn the key on, you will be able to hear the fuel pump prime for 5 seconds- if not, check all fuses- still if not check all connections, if it still doesnt work, fuel pump might be bad all together-

injector harness rubbed thru at EGR at the drivers side EGR, UFO looking circle on drives side, now wires are exposed to ground,and blew inj fuse under dash-

when you turn the key on, do you get the check engine light on the dash to come on? it should, that tells us your getting power to the computer from the orange wire at the battery-

good battery connections?

any battery corrosion?
did it cough or chug before it died?
when you crank it, can you smell gas in the exhaust?
pull a spark plug and see if its wet or dry


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if the engine cranks over real real fast, then your timing chain slipped and the engine is out of time...

let us know

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Do you have a fuel pressure gauge on the car? Any fuel pressure? Mine did the same thing a couple weeks ago and was only the relay in the hotwire kit that went bad.