Silver 01 Regal running very consistent at the track made four passes on Sunday...


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At a Muscle Car Club Challenge race ran two time trials and got knocked out in the 2nd round on a breakout. lol

1st TT pass 7.88 @ 88mph
2nd TT pass 7.92 @88mph

So I dialed a 7.90

1st round the Vette broke out ran a 8.14 on a 8.25 dial @ 88mph, since I was a 7.90 dial I was playing catch up. I was at his door at the finish line. I ran a 7.97 @ 88mph.

2nd round ran against a Infinity 3.0 Twin Turbo that is very modded. He only ran a 8.25 in time trials but I knew he was faster than that as I have ran him before and got beat. He dialed a 7.88 to my 7.90 so it was almost a heads up race. He cut a slightly better light than me and we crossed the 1/8 mile almost dead even but I broke out running a 7.85 on the 7.90 dial. He went 7.95 on the 7.88 dial. We both went 88mph.

The 7.85 matched my best ever in this car so I wasn't to unhappy I proved it wasn't a fluke lol