Shoulder Replacement

Had cleanout and tendons repaired 2015. Had and MRI a few weeks ago and more tendon tears and athritis. Doc suggests replacement. Would have 20lb weight limit with right arm. Anyone here had it done? Any regrets?


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Don't know about the shoulder but I know several people that have had hips replaced. They all seem to be pretty happy with them. My mother-in-law is going on about 8 years.

But, even though they are satisfied, definitely start with a second opinion and if he/she tells you something totally crazy different from the first, get a third before anybody cuts on you.

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Don't want to scare you, but here's a truth: The lead guitar of The Ventures, Nokie Edwards, had his hip replaced in December 2017. He died from an infection from it in January 2018.

Makes me think, like you are doing, as I need both knees replaced AND my right hip! Still, no sales on these parts at Home Depot! But in pain 24 hours a day ,all week, every week. A bitch to live how long can you deal with the sever pain? It could get to the point to where it will affect your everyday life style, so you'll have to make a serious choice.

But you NEED a second AND a third opinion....if you're an old grump like me, you need more time and effort to recover, and lots of rehab! Take heed. Research first! And, I wish you the best of luck, my friend...…

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You're very kind. Some day it will get you killed.
Don't know anyone with a shoulder but I know many with knees and hips. Hips seem to be the easiest for recovery. Knees need significant rehab or they fail and that rehab is difficult and painful. From that though comes some very good results. Pretty much back to normal with no pain. The only fail I know was my aunt that refused to do the knee rehab. She was very overweight and lazy. The knee was no better than the wreck she had.
I know 2 people who have had a shoulder replacement. One, a lady, had it done a few years ago and has no problems at all. The other, a man, has had the same shoulder replaced more than once. He is a quadraplegic and is very hard on his shoulders and arms because he transfers to and from his wheelchair many times a day. His new shoulder has a habit of popping out of its' socket. Like others have said, get a second opinion.
Thanks guys. Just found out insurance wont approve the anesthesiologists the approved hospital uses and wont approve the hospital the approved anesthesiologists use....geesh.
Don't ya just love insurance companies? I suffer from chronic back pain and the insurance company decides what and how much I use. Your situation really stinks! What options do you have?


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knee's were a walk in the park. Do the therapy before and after . Worst was a shoulder . No way would I do it if ya could only lift 20#s. I'd be looking for another Dr. There is some pain to deal with ! :cry::eek: Hips are a nothing to. Walking in no time.. Old age sucks.