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Looking for shop recommendations in the Northern Virginia area. I know of Bill Anderson's shop over on the eastern shore Maryland, but that's a bit of hike for me. Just wanted to see if anyone has taken their GNs/Turbo-Ts to a shop a little closer and if they have done some good work in the past and they could recommend them.



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@Chuck Leeper that's about a 4 hour drive (one way) for me. Bill's shop is about 78 miles away, was looking for something closer than his shop. Thanks for the reply though.


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If you find somewhere nearby, let me know!

I always go to Billy, and he's top notch every time, but it'd be nice to find a shop closer to the metro area for small jobs. In the meantime, Anderson is definitely the best choice in the area.


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RRT Racing, Sterling/Dulles (Specialize in BMW but they can fix anything)
Automotive Machine and Repair, Sterling
Both are honest shops, a rarity today.